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Our Company

From our sweet spot in Bespoke Client Care, we have evolved through extensive experience to service a broad cross-section of brands and people.

Our talented team, collectively over 50 years of experience, provides a full suite of marketing, social media, personal brand, crisis, social media, government, investor relations, and PR services – all driven from a tried and tested methodology and years of experience.

Coupled with the Even Joan network that is tapped into deep personal relationships globally, we are well placed to help you grow beyond  a traditional agency relationship.



We have a track record of helping clients reach these goals, of hiring great people and of evolving our clients' communication across paid, earned, owned, and shared channels.


Quantifiable Metrics are used by our team to determine our company's progress in operational goals to create better experience for our clients.



Building goals around the dynamics of our clients and skillfully organise so that the road to reaching the goal is as neat as possible.


Even Joan was started with respect for modern convenience, passion for luxury, an inherent desire to create a comprehensive solution for achieving an enhanced way of life. The result is the unique merriment of in-house consultation services and bespoke concierge services. 


Joan Jardeleza, Our founder and General Manager is former fashion model, businesswoman, and traveler. She worked in major cities such as Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai.


She has a decade of experience and qualification in Fashion, Luxury, Hospitality, and Events that will position her to perform excellently well in Lifestyle and Event Management globally. An enabler, facilitator, and driver of the critical behind-the-scenes activities and infrastructure within the International events team.


She has a passion also for providing business management and business development/ sales/capital raising support to senior executives, startups, and even integration investment opportunities from all over the who wants to expand in UAE.


She has a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Corporate Communications from San Beda University, Philippines.



Luis Filipe Fernandes, is an affluent businessman with a diversified business portfolio. He has worked in the drinks industry for eighteen years in the most significant worldwide companies (Heineken Group, SABMiller, and Coca-Cola).


He has also worked in the energy industry for more than six years (Oil, gas, natural gas, electricity, and other commodities). He has an MBA and Post Graduation in Marketing and General Management.

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